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Portugal is a small country, but its almost 850km coastline bathed by the Atlantic ocean, its mild climate, its gastronomy and the people make Portugal a perfect destination for all seasons.

Among the main attractions are the history and culture, gastronomy and wines, beaches, surfing, music festivals, golf, the variety of landscapes and, above all, the Portuguese people, considered friendly, open and sincere.

The recent World Travel Awards that considered Portugal the Best Destination in Europe and the World confirm the current trend, which is also recognized by many travel guides, travel writers, bloggers and media from around the world. Discover Portugal!
What we love about Portugal
The tranquility. Portugal is among the 5 most peaceful countries in the world. It is a serene country. The Portuguese people are very affable and calm, always like to talk a lot on the street, even with strangers.
The gastronomy. Food, strongly influenced by the so-called "Mediterranean diet", is one of Portugal's most treasured treasures. Olive oil and wine play a fundamental role in cooking, as do many meat and fish dishes, especially cod. Soups, seafood and sausages also have regular presence at the table, and don't forget delicious desserts like milk cream or a simple cream pie, well known beyond borders.
The history. Being a country whose independence was proclaimed more than 800 years ago, Portugal has an unrivaled historical and cultural legacy worldwide. The achievements of Portuguese warriors and maritime discoveries, the wonderful monuments such as the Jeronimos Monastery or Pena Palace, or their liberation from twentieth century fascism in the famous "Carnation Revolution" are all elements of a unique heritage in the world.
The hospitality. The typical resident has a huge openness and friendliness towards the visitors. It is rare the tourists who do not mention the kindness of the Portuguese, based on values of tolerance, solidarity and generosity, and even rarer those who are indifferent to hospitality. A simplicity and good natural disposition that is revealed by many as contagious.
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