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Spain is one of the countries of the world with the best playas. It has a total of 7,900 kilometers of coastline bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. On the Spanish shores you will find many and different destinations from which to enjoy them, from great cities to the side of the sea there are maritime pueblos with charm. So you have to play for all the tastes and prizes. Spain tops the world list of countries with the most awarded songs with the blue band.
What we love about Spain
Their Culture. Spain is a land of great cultural wealth. Part of this diversity has its origin in the different villages that have inhabited the peninsula throughout history. One of them was conquered by Arab Muslim armies from North Africa, a conquest that was part of the expansion of the Umayyad Caliphate (years 711 and 718). This conquest made differentiate the Spanish language from the other Romance languages, such as French or Italian, due to the abundance of elements of Arab origin that influenced it. The music was also influenced by the Muslim presence. New instruments and melodies appeared that later gave way to guitar or flamenco, among others. The structure of traditional Spanish music has, for this reason, many elements in common with that of North Africa.
Their gastronomy. It is a typically Mediterranean cuisine rich in fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, sausages and cheeses, accompanied by the best wines and spirits, although each community has its star products and traditional cuisine. The use of olive oil in Spanish cuisine is widespread. It has been greatly influenced by the cultures that have passed through the country throughout its history, which has provided a variety of culinary ingredients and techniques.
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